Friday, July 26, 2013

Jayden 3yrs 4mo & Lily 1yr 8mo

My precious sweet little boy is almost 3 1/2! He is the sweetest, most caring, funny and independent boy I have ever met. I know I know, I'm his mom. But seriously this boy has the kindest heart. He will kiss your boo boo, frown in concern if he thinks something is wrong, pat your back, stroke your arm and ask you "What's wrong? Are you ok?" He will do anything to make sure you're ok. He asks if you're happy and are ok. He is so compassionate. He praises you and tells you "Good job!" He has officially mastered potty training about a month ago 100%. We struggled with the attachment of a pull-up because he suffers from constipation. He has overcome and conquered his fears and hesitancies in less than a week. He dresses himself from head to toe 100%. No more picking out cute outfits with this one. He prefers basketball shorts and call them his sparkle shorts, because apparently they are sparkly when you look at them (to him). I am SO PROUD of this kid!! He uses his manners; please, thank you, excuse me, asks to be excused from the dinner table is "May please be egguzed?" LOL It's so cute. Now learning "Ma'am" and "Sir" in addition to always referring to others as Mr. or Miss. I love him, I look at that face and know that I was born to be a mother. NOTHING in this whole world has made me happier than being a mother.

This girl. Is a MINI CHRISTY. Watch out world! She is full of spice and everything nice. Strong willed? Yes, like her mama. Knows what she wants? Yes, just like her mama. Can hold her own? Yes, just like her mama. She can be super fiesty but is so fun. Her latest is Elmo OBESESSION. "I wa (want) Elmo!" As soon as she sees you, her eyes open, she wants Elmo! Or "cocicle", a popsicle. That's all this girl ever wants is a popsicle (otterpop) lol. Granted it's summer and she may be getting her two year molars in back there. :( I'd want a popsicle too!! Oh, and she is starting to become a picky eater telling us "no" and pushing the food away. I'd rather her push it and say no than throw it on the floor! She DRIVES us crazy with doing that!!! Almost enough to get a dog so we don't have to sweep and mop after every meal! She's talking more and more. Bubble, ball, no no no, dada, mama, pool, bath, meow, cat, ruff, baba, She signs milk, eat, more and all done. :) I love my baby girl. I dreamed having this girl my whole life. I am so thankful that I had my boy first. They are so different. If I had Lily first she may have been an only child. LOL! Angel from 0-12mo then whew....this little person evolved! LOVE EVERY HAIR ON HER HEAD! Which she actually has a lot of. When I wash it, it's down to her shoulders! Her hair is getting curlier and curlier! :)
 Typical photo bomb from Jayden

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